How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues in Collegedale, Tennessee

By Dr. Megan Touron

Rainy days like the ones we have been having the past few weeks in Collegedale can feel like the worst. Where did the sunshine go?!

Winter months are especially known for allowing our moods to get depleted due to the lack of sunshine and cooler temperatures. I would say being down here in the South does have greater benefits than being stuck in the snow forts of the North, but it has still been shown to play a role on our mood.

So how do we beat these rainy day blues? My mother would say it just has to stop raining and I’ll be happy again. I agree Mom, but I’m unable to control the greater forces of the universe; so what can I do to create the happiness now?


Let in some light.  

Studies have actually shown that both sunlight and darkness release hormones in your brain affecting your mood. When you are exposed to sunlight or just plain daylight, a neurotransmitter called Serotinin is released and this is what is associated with boosting your mood. It has been shown to help individuals achieve a feeling of calm and focused energy. Whether it’s raining or not; go to your windows, open up those blinds and let the light in.

Get Involved and Moving

I know what you’re thinking- “When it’s so wet and rainy outside, how do you expect me to stay active”? There’s always the option of throwing on your workout clothes and work up a sweat indoors. These days there are so many workout videos, workout stations, and technology to keep us active on these rainy days.

YouTube is a great source for these workout videos. If working out isn’t an option, staying active doesn’t truly mean you have to be working out to achieve that status. Stay active inside the house. Channel your inner chef and use the opportunity to cook a new recipe. That keeps you on your feet and moving around.  Work those brain muscles (yes your brain can be worked out too) with puzzles, crosswords or brain teasers to keep your mind engaged.

Engage in Relaxing Activities at Home.

This one may seem like a no brainer but why not just curl up under a blanket and watch a movie? Of course, movie genre is your choice but we recommend a good comedy or “feel good” movie. A nice bowl of popcorn is always a good add on to the movie as well.

Another way to enhance your mood at home would be with Essential Oils. There are so many different types of essential oils these days that I couldn’t possibly name all the beneficial ones but scents such as Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, Bergamot, Peppermint, Frankincense and Cedarwood are all great options. Diffusing these oils is the best option to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. Many of these have shown to elicit calming, relaxing reponses in the body as well as eliminate stress and negative emotions.

Eat Well.

We have all been there when it’s a nasty rainy day and we use that as an excuse to eat bad (but tasty) comfort food. While the idea of eating this food may make you feel good temporarily, these foods will generally cause an insulin spike and will negatively affect your mood levels. Instead, when the cravings strike reach for some fruit or high protein snack that will keep your body and brain healthy alike.

Take Vitamins.

With the lack of sunshine throughout the winter months, Vitamin D levels all across our country plummet. Having a lack of proper nutrients in our bodies can directly affect our levels of happiness during this time. Supplementing your diet with vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Omega 3s can aid in the healthy recovery or your mind and body during these cold and rainy months.

Needless to say, we are all ready to see the nice warm weather with the beautiful shining sun on our faces every day. In the meantime, use some of these tips to keep your mood and health at their optimum levels.

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