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General Privacy Policy



● Hybrid Entity Under HIPAA. In certain settings, situations, or respects, Adopting Company may represent a hybrid entity under HIPAA Rules, providing both covered and non-covered business services and activities. Adopting Company either does, or may, provide any number of services including without limit providing, and coordinating the provision of, (1) healthcare goods and services to patients seeking healthcare screening, diagnostic services, and various forms of treatment as defined by HIPAA Rules with special focus on accident injury care in medico-legal arenas, (2) software and application development and licensing related to our services, including without limit multi-stakeholder, Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) framework and software module development, (3) Vendor accreditation or qualifying services, (4) standards development, (5) Referral services consistent with, e.g., the best interest of the patient or customer relative to healthcare screening and medico-legal issues, (6) payment activities and healthcare operations as such are defined by HIPAA Rules, (7) billing, coordination of benefits, balance billing, collection, common fund management, repricing, financial recovery, marketing, and practice management services for various legal entities and persons on related matters and in related industry sectors, (8) utilization review, (9) notes aggregation, selling and purchasing of accounts, and the facilitation of such activities, (10) aggregation, de-identification, and analysis of data, including without limit methods of aggregation and analysis which employ artificial or machine intelligence, and (11) leasing of real and personal property.

● Organized Healthcare Arrangement. In certain settings, situations, or respects, Adopting Company may represent or participate in an Organized Healthcare Arrangement under HIPAA where it participates in a clinically-integrated healthcare setting and where patients may receive healthcare from more than one healthcare provider, including without limit Participating Healthcare Provider. This means that when You receive services at a facility or subsidiary of Adopting Company or a facility Referred to You by Adopting Company, You may receive certain professional services from physicians on medical staff and interns who are independent Practitioners relative to Adopting Company, subsidiary, or other facility, who are not employees of Adopting Company, subsidiary, or other facility, and who may own, operate, or work at healthcare entities otherwise not affiliated with Adopting Company or subsidiary.


Currently, Adopting Company offers revenue-generating services exclusively through, or to, stores or facilities located within, or intended to serve individuals residing in, defined geographical areas (“Our Service Areas”). The principle reason for such limitation relates to the inherently personal or complex nature of the services themselves. You are responsible for reviewing Adopting Company’s Primary Website(s) and being familiar and knowledgeable with Our Service Areas. Our Service Areas do not include (without limit) the following States, regions, or countries (“Areas Outside of Our Service Area”): (1) Australia, (2) California, (3) Canada, (4) European Union, (5) European Economic Area nations, (6) United Kingdom, or any other State, region, or country which may have adopted a geographically-oriented, generally-agnostic, privacy law not directly associated with Our Service Areas, U.S. healthcare, or Children (“Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law”).

Additionally, all personal information which is collected and processed by Adopting Company is collected and processed in conjunction with computer servers located in the United States.

All Resources of Adopting Company, to the extent such are made available, are done so with the primary purpose in mind of serving individuals residing within Our Service Area, or local businesses which primarily serve individuals residing within Our Service Area. Our services are not intended for – and we do not direct them to – any individuals or businesses located in an Area Outside of Our Service Area or who/which might be covered by an existing Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law as defined herein. Additionally, we do not knowingly collect personal information from any such person or business.

While it is remotely possible that a resident of an Area Outside of Our Service Area could conceivably Utilize a Resource of Adopting Company, and such Utilization could conceivably result in Adopting Company receiving or using the personal information of such resident, You Agree that such an event is highly unlikely, entirely incidental to our primary purpose, and unforeseeable by Us.

Therefore, You acknowledge and Agree that if You claim to be a resident of an Area Outside of Our Service Area as defined in a Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law associated with such jurisdiction, or otherwise covered or protected by Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law, prior to purchasing or Utilizing any Resource of Adopting Company, You will send written notification to the attention of “Privacy Director” of the applicable Adopting Company as set forth in the Section of the Legal Notice relating to Contacting Adopting Company of (1) your intent to Utilize the Resource, and (2) your claim of right under the Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law, and will afford Adopting Company an opportunity to review your alleged claim of right and to cure any potential deficiencies associated therewith. Any failure by You in providing advance notice as set forth herein shall constitute a representation by you that you are not in fact a resident of an Area Outside of Our Service Area as defined by the Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law or otherwise covered or protected by such Geographically-Oriented Privacy Law.


Certain Resources of Adopting Company including its Software Applications, whether intended to operate on mobile devices or not, are not intended for – and We do not knowingly direct them to – anyone under the age of 13. Adopting Company does not knowingly permit the Purchase or Utilization of such Resources by Children under the age of 13. Consistent with Your general duties of confidentiality, You Agree to keep such Resources, including passwords, strictly confidential and under no condition at any time shall You loan, lease, distribute, transfer, or disclose such Resources or copies thereof, to Children under the age of 13, or otherwise aid or facilitate the ability of such Children to Utilize such Resources.


Adopting Company collects “Personal Data” as such is defined by General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and explained by official commentary of the European Commission. Such Personal Data includes without limit (1) objective data, subjective data, sensitive data (including without limit Personal Health Information as defined by HIPAA Rules), online identifiers, and location data, (2) personal data derived from the foregoing categories of data, whether derived by methods of artificial intelligence or otherwise.


Subject to HIPAA Rules as applicable and Our HIPAA Privacy Policy, Adopting Company collects, uses, shares, and retains Personal Information to the extent that it reasonably relates directly or indirectly to the Nature of Adopting Company and the provision or facilitation of its services.

CATEGORIES OF THIRD-PARTIES WITH WHICH PERSONAL INFORMATION MAY BE SHARED OR EXCHANGED. Subject to HIPAA Rules as applicable, Our HIPAA Privacy Policy, and other Terms specified herein,

Adopting Company may disclose Your Personal Information to the following categories of third-parties:

○ Entities relating directly or indirectly to the Nature of Adopting Company and Its Services,

○ To the extent applicable, parent companies, subsidiaries, Licensees, Preferred Vendors, principles, agents, independent contractors, Business Associates, Affiliates, of Adopting Company, including without limit product and service suppliers to Adopting Company

We will ensure that third-parties to whom we may disclose Personal Information provide at least the same level assurances in their privacy policies as set forth herein.


● User Accounts and Designated Electronic Communications. If You have a registered account associated with Adopting Company or the Resources of Adopting Company, including without limit the Adopting Company’s Primary Website(s) and Software Application(s), to the extent practicable, You will be provided in good faith with reasonable methods of amending Personal Information which We collect, as well as configuring, limiting, and opting-out of the way We collect, use, share, and retain Personal Information. You will also be provided with reasonable ways of opting-out of Designated Electronic Communications with, or from, Adopting Company by following instructions included in conjunction with the communication.

● Cookies

General: “Cookies” are usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on Your Internet browser directory or program data subfolders. Cookies are created when You use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of Your movements within the site, help You resume where You left off, remember Your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. The website stores a corresponding file (with same ID tag) to the one it sets in Your browser and in this file it can track and keep information on Your movements within the site and any information You may have voluntarily given while visiting the website, such as email address. Most Internet browsers are initially set to Accept “cookies” and allow local storage, but You should be able to change your settings to notify You when a cookie is being set or updated, local storage is being used, and/or to block cookies and/or the use of local storage altogether. Please consult the “Help” section of Your browser for more information. Please note that by blocking any or all cookies, You may not have access to certain features, content and/or other personalization available

Google Cookies. Adopting Company uses various Google services including without limit, Google Analytics and Google advertising services. Both of these services either do or may employ cookies to properly operate. Google, Inc. has developed a Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for those who wish to opt-out of Google Analytics. You can find the opt-out browser add-on by performing an Internet search or visiting the following link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/. You can opt-out or configure Google personalized advertising by performing an Internet search for resources relating to the Google Ads Preference Manager or visiting the following link: http://adssettings.google.com.

Do Not Track” Signals: Certain browsers transmit “do-not-track” signals to the websites with which such browsers communicate; however, this feature, and how it is used and activated, varies from browser to browser. Therefore, it is not clear whether the signals are intentionally transmitted by a user, or whether a user is even aware of this. Despite current efforts, there is still disagreement amongst leading Internet standards organizations, industry groups, technology companies and regulators, concerning what, if anything, websites should do when they receive such signals and no standard has been adopted to date. With respect to “do not track signals,” We currently do not take action in response to these signals, but if a standard is established and Accepted, we may reassess how to respond to these signals.

CHILD, PARENT, AND INDEPENDENT DOCUMENTS; PRIORITY. You Agree that this Document (“Legal Notice,” “ULN,” “Corporate Legal Notice,” “CLE,” “This Agreement,” “This Document,” “These Terms and Conditions” and “These Terms”) is part of larger series of Agreement Documents, sections, or parts, some of which may be expressly incorporated into This Document by reference (“Parts,” “Sections,” “Subdocuments,” and “Child Documents”), some of which may incorporate This Document by reference (“Parent Documents”), and some of which may be additional or collateral to This Document without any Child or Parent relationship (“Independent Documents). Parts of This Document include without limit (1) the Adopting Company’s Legal Notice (“Primary Document”), and (2) Subdocuments including without limit: HIPAA Consent Terms, HIPAA Privacy Policy, General Privacy Policy, and Electronic Communications Consent. In the event You are a Business Associate as defined by HIPAA Rules, Subdocuments further include a Conditional HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. You hereby Agree that all Subdocuments enumerated as such herein are incorporated by reference into the Primary Document, and that together such Documents constitute one Agreement. You Agree to all such Terms. You acknowledge that the Legal Notice, and more specifically the Definitions and Preamble of the Legal Notice properly provides for (1) the identity and scope of Adopting Company, (2) Adopting Company’s contact information, (3) domain(s) of Adopting Company’s Primary Website(s), and (4) if applicable, the name of any software application(s) through which you might have Agreed to these Terms. In the event of a conflict between a term of the Primary Document and a term of a Subdocument, the term of the Subdocument shall have the highest priority and shall supersede and control with respect to the term of the Primary Document. In the event of a conflict between a term of a Subdocument and a term of the same Subdocument or another Subdocument, the Adopting Company shall be entitled to enforce either Term at its election. In the event that the Adopting Company maintains an Independent Document, and there is a conflict between a term of the Independent Document and a term of This Agreement, the term of the Independent Document shall have the highest priority and shall supersede and control with respect to the term of This Agreement.

FUTURE AMENDMENTS TO THE DOCUMENT(S). We reserve the right at any time and for any reason to modify the Terms of any Document(s) Executed as part of the Agreement Process. It shall be your responsibility to regularly review the most current or effective Terms of such Document(s) and as posted and available by means of visible hyperlinks located in the Document(s), in various communications with You, and in Designated Location(s) of the Office’s Primary Website(s) and Software Application(s) as well as at, or by means of, the Legal Notice URL as defined in this Document. You understand and Agree that continued utilization of the Resources of the Office after such changes have been posted shall constitute Acceptance by You of such changes. In the event you are unable to locate the most current or effective version on the Office’s Primary Website(s) and Software Application(s), You Agree that You will notify and contact the Office as provided herein.

QUESTIONS. In the event of a question or concern relating to Privacy or Electronic Communications, for documentation purposes, written communication is required. Written communications shall be directed to the attention of “Privacy Director” at our Office.

COMPLAINTS. Complaints about your rights or how the Office has handled your Privacy matter hereunder should be directed in writing to the attention of “Privacy Director” at the Office according to the Terms set forth in the Corporate Legal Notice. If you are not satisfied with the manner in which the Office handles your complaint, the Terms provide for a next step which is to attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith in the form of non-binding mediation. In the event that non-binding mediation is unable to produce a satisfactory result, you may wish to submit a complaint to one or more applicable governmental agencies. You may always choose to file a complaint with one or more applicable agencies in the event of a Privacy dispute at any time. Deadlines for submitting Your complaint to a governmental agency may apply. Under no circumstances is any retaliatory action by any third-party including the Office permitted in the event you choose to file a complaint with a governmental agency relating to such matter. Information about filing HIPAA-related complaints can be found at www.hhs.gov and more specifically at the Complaint Portal for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services located historically at http://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/cp/complaint_frontpage.jsf.

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