What is Chiropractic?

By Dr. Ryan Lee

Most people know some of the conditions that chiropractic care can treat, but not many people know what chiropractic actually is. The basis behind chiropractic is the belief that the body has the innate property to heal itself from injuries and diseases when it is functioning properly.

Right now, you’re probably thinking: “Of course my body is functioning properly! I have no pain, I am good to go!”

In reality, pain is the last symptom that will appear to let you know that something is wrong. So back to our question, what is chiropractic?

Let’s start with some science, the brain is the master control center of the body. It works in tandem with your nervous system to control how your heart beats, how your lungs take in oxygen for your tissues, and many other unconscious actions. The brain is also the source of emotions and creativity as well as conscious thought. In addition, the brain and nervous system control how the body heals itself from injuries, stress, and other diseases. So, it is very important that the brain and nervous system are functioning as best as they can! Subluxations, or obstructions in the nervous system’s path, prevent the brain and nervous system from functioning as it should.

To further explain a subluxation, the official chiropractic definition is: “A dysfunctional area in the spine that negatively affects health and well-being, due to its influence on the nervous system.”

This really boils down to an impingement or an obstruction of the nerves, specifically in your spine.

So what impact could this potentially have on our bodies? Our ability to perform, function, and sustain life itself is due to the brain’s ability to send information via the nerves. A study in the early 1970s conducted by Dr. Chung Ha Suh Ph.D., and his colleagues at the Department of Biomechanics of the University of Colorado measured how pressure affected nerve flow conduction, (the ability for your nerve to function).

They discovered that the weight of a dime (2.2 grams) would decrease electrical transmission down a nerve by 40-60%!

That means that the nerve’s ability to transmit information to and from the brain was cut in half!

So, how can you fix that? This can be fixed by removing vertebral subluxations. When you receive chiropractic adjustments, that is exactly what is happening.

Chiropractors are trained to examine, locate, and treat harmful subluxations.

A chiropractic adjustment takes the stress off the dysfunctional spinal joint by using treatments to specifically remove the subluxation of the vertebra. When these subluxations are removed, your body can begin to function optimally once again.

When your vetebra is out of place, the soft tissue around it shifts in order to support the vertebra in its new position. So there are really two issues, your vetebra is out of place and your soft tissue has moved to hold it in its new place. If the vetebra alone was corrected, the soft tissue would eventually move it back into its incorrect position since that is what your body has grown accustomed to. To help with this, chiropractors are also trained in physiotherapy to aid in soft tissue remodeling to help speed up recovery times and improve general health in their patients.

All kinds of events can lead to subluxations. An example of a few of these events would be car accidents, trips, falls, sports injuries, hunching at your desk job, and improper lifting.

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