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How Did I Hurt Myself Sleeping?

By Dr. Ryan Lee

If you’ve ever woken up and attempted to get out of bed only to find yourself in a lot of pain, you’re likely the victim of an “adult injury.”

Other common “adult injuries” include bending over to tie your shoe and throwing your back out, doing almost any activity with your child and feeling everything hurt the next day, and of course sleeping in the wrong position.

Now, while getting older does have its part to play in some of these injuries, it isn’t the whole story!

Have you ever watched your kids sleep?

They can sleep peacefully with toys and books scattered all over their beds and their bodies only halfway on the mattress.

Still, the next day, they’ll jump up ready to go without a sore muscle in their body!

So, what changed?

Now we spend loads of money on top-of-the line mattresses, pillows and pillow mist just to get a good night’s sleep. So, what happened?

As with any injury, there are always two main factors to consider: the strength of a structure and the force applied to that structure.

Simply put, if the strength of a structure is stronger than the force coming against it, no injury will occur.

However, if the strength coming against an object is stronger than the structure itself, well the picture to the right illustrates what can happen.

The same applies to sleep, with our spine acting as the structure resisting opposing force.

Often, this concept is hard for people to grasp because sleeping doesn’t seem like a heavy force.

But what most people overlook is that they’re applying that same force every night.

It’s not the amount of force applied here that causes the damage, but how frequently that force is being applied.

A great example is a car that’s slightly out of alignment. Over time, that misalignment will wear on the tires — until it causes them to burst.

Over time, our spine incurs the various forces of everyday actions that in turn create misalignments. These decrease the overall strength of our spine and can have serious side effects in almost every organ/muscle throughout the body.

(To learn more about how misalignments affect every part of the body, click here.)

So, how can I strengthen my spine?

Stretching is a great start!

A daily stretching routine is so important! Consistent stretching works to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine, aiding in your body’s ability to maintain correct form.

Resistance workouts and strength training are also important, especially those that emphasize core exercises like planking.

And if you’d prefer to do something a bit more “active,” any sport/activity that requires balance and utilizing your core muscles is a great option! Examples include swimming, biking, and rock climbing.

Incorporating one or more of these exercises into your weekly routine is an excellent way to work towards a stronger spine that won’t be as easily affected by everyday, small forces.

But, talking to your chiropractor is the most effective thing you can do!

A chiropractor is a highly trained doctor who analyzes the structure and alignment of your spine, as well as the nervous system.

They are trained to work with you to improve your spines natural curvature through spinal adjustments, physiotherapy, spinal orthotics and other modalities.

As a result, chiropractic adjustments can also improve other health conditions such as acid reflux, ear infections, asthma, seasonal allergies, etc. all by improving your bodies ability to heal and integrate stress.

If you’re ready to sleep better, improve the health of your spine and start feeling better, click the link below to schedule an appointment and learn more!

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Dr. Ryan Lee is the practicing chiropractic physician at Reach Health and Wellness Chiropractic. For his full bio, click here. *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Ryan Lee and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All readers/viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Dr. Lee does not take responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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