Whiplash injuries caused by a car accident can be very severe and should be taken seriously. With a delayed onset, it may not seem severe at the time but when your head is forced to suddenly move (in any direction) it can cause severe damage to the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues in the neck and the upper back. Whiplash can manifest itself in a number of ways. It can create low back pain, neck pain, dizziness, headaches, upper back and shoulder pain, fatigue, and cognitive problems. The longer you go without seeking treatment, the more complications may arise and become permanent injuries. More than 20% of whiplash victims continue to suffer with some level of disability or pain for many years after. Seeking chiropractic care in Collegedale or Ooltewah can help restore the normal movement and position of the spinal vertebrae using manual manipulation of the spine. This treatment is most effective because it can minimize the long term pain and symptoms of these common whiplash injuries.