Disc Bulge and Disc Herniation

  Discs act as cushions between the bones in your spine. They are made up of an outer layer of tough cartilage and softer cartilage in the center.  Discs show signs of wear and tear

Chiropractic Care: 101

Chiropractic care is a holistic form of healthcare. Chiropractic looks for the causes of your health issues and fixes them from the inside-out instead of just treating the symptoms you experience. Headaches for example are

What to Expect on Your First Visit

  At Reach, our focus is our patients. We want you to know what to expect at our office. On your initial visit, or New Patient Consultation, you will fill out a new patient form.

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is used in the clinic to work on the muscular system. Muscular issues arise from everyday activities as well and contribute to mechanical misalignment’s in the spine. Functional rehab can reduce pain in affected areas as well as increase function of the targeted structures. Stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscle groups has

Health Lectures

At Reach Health and Wellness we care about the health of our community. The healthier a community is the more productive and prosperous it becomes. Giving free health lectures to local businesses, church groups, etc. is one way we like to serve our community. Please contact us if your business, or one you know of,

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a holistic form of healthcare that treats the nervous, muscular, and skeletal system. Each of the three aforementioned systems are vital in maintaining your body’s overall wellness. The skeletal system provides structure and support for the body, when the skeletal system isn’t working properly the attached muscles will begin to work against one